BioChar-Enhances Plant Growth 25-50%

Free BioChar!

BioChar-Reduces Water Consumption up to 30%

Free BioChar!

BioChar- houses beneficial microbes & nutrients causing increase in yield. See the difference for yourself!

The plant on the left is normal topsoil. The larger plant on the right is from a soil and BioChar mixture.

Free BioChar!

No BioChar


Free BioChar!

BIOCHAR….More lush, dense, lively plants and vegetables all while saving the soils and the environment.

What it does

  • Enhances Plant Growth 25-50%
  • Reduces Water Consumption up to 30%
  • Houses beneficial microbes & nutrients
  • Increases aeration & reduces compaction
  • Naturally increases the pH of the soil
  • All while sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere

What others think


    BioChar is incredible. These organic carrots are delicious!

    Jai M.


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