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Ancient Amazonian cultures learned that their routine activities of putting waste charcoal into the soil and mixing it with compost, compensated for the limitations of these soil. In essence these soils are man made.

These dark Amazonian soils, known as Terra Preta, are up to 2 meters deep, and are significantly more fertile than the surrounding soil. Terra Preta soils have retained their fertility to the present day. Their durable fertility is attributed to their high Biochar content, which has been scientifically dated as far back as 8,000 B.C..

We like to think of using and producing BioChar as coal mining in reverse.

When industry removes coal from the earth they burn it to fuel our lives. This is a non sustainable practice that is damaging the systems we depend on to support human civilization.

Here’s how:\n Plants and trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. The carbon they take in becomes the structure of the plants and trees. This carbon is released as CO2 during decomposition.

Making Biochar, we convert up to 50% of that carbon into a stable form of biochar, which you put back into the earth as a soil catalyst that conserves resources and fortifies the ecosystem of your soil.

EarthSpring is a 50% mixture of hardwood-sourced char and 50% organic compost. This biochar blend is aged to perfection, providing immediate improvements to your garden as the compost delivers the needed nutrients to feed your plants.

The char component acts as a long term soil catalyst providing the physical structure where the chemical and biological engines work together, to deliver what your plants ask for. This perfect natural synergy generates more growth with fewer resources boosting your garden to the next level.

EarthSpring can be used as a top dressing in already established plantings – about 1 inch deep – allowing rain and other organic processes to pull the biochar into the top soil.

For new plantings, simply till a 1 inch covering into the top 4-6 inches of soil and plant as usual. Each 5 gallon bag of EarthSpring will treat sixteen square feet (4’ x 4’).

EarthSpring will enhance your potting soils ability to hold water and nutrients. We recommend 1 cup of EarthSpring for each 1 gallon of potting soil.

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