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What is Biochar

Biochar is a highly porous stable Carbon-rich product resulting from the charring of biomass (e.g.: agricultural & wood waste), that when mixed with organic compost and added to soils, yields considerable benefits.

How it works

The biochar component acts as a long term soil catalyst providing structures where the chemical and biological engines work together to deliver what your plants ask for. This natural synergy generates more growth with fewer resources boosting your garden to the next level. EarthSpring BioChar can be used as a top dressing – about 1 inch deep – allowing rain and other organic processes to pull the biochar into the top soil. If you prefer tilling, simply till a 1 inch covering into the top 4 inches of soil and plant as usual. Each 5 gallon bag of EarthSpring BioChar will treat one 4 foot by 4 foot bed. EarthSpring BioChar will enhance your potting soils ability to hold water. We recommend 1 cup of EarthSpring BioChar for each 1 gallon of potting soil.

The Benefits of using Biochar?

Increases plant yield between 25% - 250% depending on soil conditions

Reduces Watering Need

Biochar can reduce watering requirements up to 30%, and make soil much more drought-resistant

Revitalizes Your Soil

Comes fully charged with billions of beneficial soil microbes, which instantly enhances the health and productivity of your soil

Decreases Fertilizer Requirements

Biochar holds nutrients longer, reducing fertalizing requirements and prevents fertilizer from leaching into watersheds

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